Kelsey Anne Clarke is a specialist at manipulating space, material, and light to create visual art. Her intention is to influence the human senses and encourage participants to immerse themselves into self-reflective social scenarios. Kelsey’s eclectic background is the cornerstone of her artistic expression, which has been developing and evolving since childhood. As a child, she indulged her elaborate visions of alternate worlds and scenarios into what she dubbed as “world play.” Kelsey’s aptitude for spatial relations is essential toanimating her imaginative concepts. 

Academically, Kelsey excelled in math, and science, which provided a foundation for her to pursue formal design training in Architecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. College is where she discovered a passion for the phenomenology of space, which piqued her curiosity in how social interactions can be created with physical design elements. While studying at UNLV, Kelsey’s remarkable attention to design and detail were honored with various awards. Post-graduation, her talents were pursued by architecture firms that aided in developing the downtown Las Vegas East Fremont and Arts District. 

Additionally, she participated in multiple community art projects. Most notably, she was a key resource in the design and development of the Life Cube installation. This project ignited her profound desire to create social interaction and connection in public spaces through interactive art. Kelsey’s medium of choice came through a process of self-reflection and actualization. She chose a medium with characteristics that best describes her: strong, yet delicate; dense, yet malleable; changing yet permanent. METAL! 

Realizing the dream of producing her first large interactive art installation required her to obtain skills that would support her mission to design and fabricate. She enrolled in the Welding Technology curriculum at Montana State University and graduated with a certification in welding and was honored with awards for her superior skills. The past five years have been dedicated to honing metal fabrication techniques, working in the industry, and finessing her unique artistic esthetic. She gained experience in the industry with a progressive sign shop where, as lead designer, she merged her various skill sets to produce signage that brought businesses to life. While developing her fabrications skills she could see a clear path to her dream of creating interactive art that inspires social connection.

Currently Kelsey is a full time Metal Artist based out of Bozeman, Montana. Over the past two years she has been successfully building and installing small and large interactive metal art at festivals, galleries, and events around the state. She seeks the perfect opportunity to share her art and stimulate social wonder with a larger platform. The Bozeman community – enriched with quality art – recently recognized Kelsey’s work with the coveted “Best Visual Artist of 2020” award. The following statement is an example of how Kelsey’s art is embraced in her community: “Very meticulously crafted with an eye for the unimaginable. If you have a vision, Metallic Weaver [Kelsey Clarke] will see it to life.” - anonymous