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The Petal Pit - FIRE LOTUS is a flat pack fire pit that condenses down allowing the user maximum portability. This modular piece of art is fabricated from 10 gauge steel and then cut out using a CNC plasma cutter. This fire pit was designed to mimic a lotus emerging from a sea of darkness offering light and warmth. The base pieces are coated with a high heat paint, and then for cooking the grill top is to be conditioned like a cast iron by the user. Each fire pit comes with a handmade accordion travel bag that has a bottle opener clasp. This function piece of art creates a contained fire anywhere alone, with friends or place the grill top on to cook up a meal! 



Grill Top: 19.75" x 19"; Base Pieces: 18.25" x 16.25"; Coal Grate: 7.5" x 6.75" 

Assembled: 22.5"(w); 21.5"(d); 11.5"(h) 

Weight: 24 lbs

Ships in 3-5 days! Thank you 

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